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vRealize Orchestrator – RestAPI Action to Input Form Field

I have come back to vRealize Orchestrator after some time as I have colleagues that use the product. I have always found it fairly tough to use as it is highly dependent on Javascript and I don't really spend much time writing in Javascript. As well as Javascript documentation is generally web focused I find and that is not helpful for vRo.

Here is a little project I created to populate a single selection (radio in this case) option in vRo workflow from a Device42 Customer API call. The idea being that you could query out via rest, get a list of predefined customers and use that as the selections.

The challenge is that the input form external field needs an action and not a workflow. I basically reverse engineered the "Invoke Dynamic REST Operation" workflow's scripted task.

While the example here uses Device42 the concept and code would be relatively similar for any type of REST API with a JSON content returned.

This took some work. Here are the fruits of the labor.

Just take me to the code

Create getDev42Customers vRo Action using script at the bottom with the required inputs shown below.


Configure the input form with External value and the getDev42Customers with its input


The action setup will result in the list array being populated by the Customer Names.

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