Modern Networking

Traditional networking simply wasn’t designed with the modern, data-centric, digital enterprise and workforce in mind.  Mark III’s team of network, wireless, and connectivity architects and experts can assist and support IT and digital transformation by rolling out and supporting modern networking strategies, aligned with edge computing, IoT, remote workforce, connected devices, and the modern digital enterprise.

Modern Datacenter Networking

Transform networking and connectivity in the datacenter and simplify and automate IT Operations, accelerate service delivery, optimize uptime, drive agility, and integrate with services of the past, present, and future.  For both Enterprise IT and HPC/AI Infrastructure scenarios.

Wireless Solutions

Full portfolio of modern wireless access points, gateways and controllers, location services, and centralized, cloud-native management visibility, along with the team to assist in any strategy, all with an eye toward both the modern hybrid workforce and evolving security needs.  


Transform your WAN infrastructure with an SD-WAN platform strategy that will dramatically increase enterprise agility, control, economics, and performance.  Unify and centrally manage SD-WAN, routing, WAN optimization, and security from a central pane.

Network Virtualization

Build your virtual cloud network with network and security virtualization to flexibly connect apps across datacenters and multi-cloud.  For both VM and container infrastructure.  

Campus and Branch Networks

Architect and deploy wired and wireless strategies for campus and branch networks that provide both fast and reliable connectivity for your workforce, and a pathway for IoT, mobile, and analytics at the edge

Hybrid Cloud Networking

Unify enterprise networking, the enterprise WAN, Internet, and the Cloud with a cohesive strategy to optimize performance, security, and reliability of your traffic, no matter where your applications, users, and data reside.  Build an "on ramp" to the public cloud via WAN optimization and across multitude of connectivity options that enable you to monitor, control, and optimize.