AI/ML and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning are fundamentally changing how software is built and how organizations engage and operate. Complementing a portfolio of industry-leading AI platforms, systems, and software, Mark III’s full stack team of data scientists, AI developers, and system architects empower enterprises to build out their AI pipelines, no matter what part of the journey you’re currently on.

AI Infrastructure and Pods

Whether you're looking for an NVIDIA-powered workstation, server, pod, cluster, or SuperPod, we have a full portfolio of options for you, ranging from DGX to NVIDIA Certified Servers with various OEMs.

MLOps Deployment and Residency Services

Our team of MLOps and Systems Engineers will work to architect, deploy, rollout, and assist ongoing with your MLOps platform for your data scientists, devs, and researchers (powered by containers)

AI Education Series

Experience our virtual series of practical 1-hour AI Education sessions, built in partnership with NVIDIA, designed to train a team as small as 3 and as large as 1000

AI Hackathons

Drive innovation, teamwork, and culture development around AI/Machine Learning with a hackathon/datathon in partnership with Mark III via the Mark III Hack methodology.  Technology is only half the game.

HPC/AI Integration Center

From our global headquarters in Houston, Mark III's Client Integration Center enables our dedicated team to pre-integrate, validate, test and ship GPU clusters and AI Pods for HPC/AI workloads anywhere, anytime

HPC/AI Schedulers & Kubernetes

Whether you're operating a classical HPC cluster manager and scheduler to access your GPUs or you're looking toward Kubernetes to power your AI Center of Excellence, we have expertise and assistance to help you architect, deploy, and operate your shared environment.