Automation and DevOps are table stakes for a cloud-native, digital transformation stack, but most organizations are looking to incorporate automation strategically across the board, including with more traditional application stacks. Mark III Systems’ full stack expertise and DevOps engineers can assist with automation strategies for both cloud-native and traditional stacks.

Modernizing Traditional Apps

Bring portability, efficiency, and security to legacy applications, all without any application re-architecture

Infrastructure Automation

Convert routine tasks and policies into code and automate IT infrastructure, cloud, VM, and container management

Containers & Orchestration

Whether its a cloud-native app or a containerized legacy app, containers enable significant speed and agility for digital transformation

Cloud-Native Applications

Regardless of location, cloud-native apps and their microservices are composed with code for a cloud computing architecture

API Integration

Glue together APIs to build unique services and capabilities like never before

Compliance & Security

Automate compliance and security tests to ensure that the enterprise is always protected and optimal