High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) is empowering enterprises, service providers, academic medical centers, and research organizations to attack and solve some of the most challenging problems in the world today.  For over 25 years, Mark III has partnered with and assisted organizations by providing some of the most sophisticated tools, technology, and expertise in computational science to help support success.

HPC Infrastructure

From energy exploration to healthcare research to life sciences to weather forecasting and beyond, Mark III has decades of experience with building and supporting HPC clusters

HPC/AI Integration Center

From our global headquarters in Houston, Mark III's Client Integration Center enables our dedicated team to pre-integrate and ship clusters anywhere, anytime

GPU Computing

Design, build, and scale GPU clusters with Mark III and NVIDIA to solve your most challenging problems 

Cluster Managers and Schedulers

Leverage our ongoing expertise and experience around building and supporting large HPC clusters, including Bright, Slurm, LSF, and more

HPC Support Services

From Level 1 support for hardware break-fix to deployment services to ongoing residency services, Mark III has a portfolio of assistance around HPC/AI that can help your organization be successful

HPC/AI Container Strategies

Whether you're building with Singularity or Docker (or building out a Kubernetes cluster), we can assist with architecture, full rollout, and even ongoing residency services.