Our History

Mark III Systems was founded in Houston, TX in 1995 and has grown over the last two decades into a large, multi-disciplinary, “full stack” solutions provider with enterprise, public sector, and service provider clients of all sizes all over North America.

With a highly-experienced team of Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Developers, and Data Scientists, Mark III offers clients a unique “full stack” approach to help them not only modernize and optimize core tech stacks in the datacenter, but also spin up and scale digital transformation, data-driven stacks in the datacenter, in the cloud, and on the edge.

Digital transformation stacks, built primarily on top of open source-centric frameworks, power almost 90% of all new software built today, including most of the megatrends in the industry, including AI, Deep Learning, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, Cloud-native Apps, and Mobile.

In order to continue to bring unique value to our clients and the ecosystem in the era of digital transformation, Mark III complemented our long-time team of systems engineers and architects by adding capabilities years ago around automation and code, in addition to data science and industry subject-matter experts. With how open source has exponentially expanded the number of combinations of software stacks, its not enough now to just understand individual platforms and technologies, but its also mandatory to understand how to harness and connect them together, often in a hybrid cloud or core-to-edge scenario, to consistently succeed in the marketplace.

Mark III was recognized as a “Partner of the Future” in 2017 by IDC as part of their Partners of the Future series under the pillar of “continuous innovation.”