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Ansible Workshop from Anywhere

About 8 months ago I began to develop an instructor led Ansible Workshop that could be led from my place of work. We have a mini-datacenter lab and I found it nice to get some customers in the office and go over some Ansible playbooks. I also really enjoy sharing some of the knowledge I had picked up from working with the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform over the past year or so. This was also a great opportunity to get peers together in a room and brainstorm on ideas either applicable to automation and configuration management or just technology in general.

Well… Times have changed a bit and I dropped the workshop. I have over the past week, however, begun to port the content to my GitHub repo and re-write what was meant to be PDF driven into markdown. I have had an awakening of sorts. This is probably how I should have started this project in the beginning. In house or not it still is a great way to manage the content as far as versioning and distribution. This will allow me to work on the content indefinitely and grow it as I work with Ansible in different ways and with different technologies.

I have started out by breaking this workshop into "Domains". What I hope to accomplish with this is allowing others to contribute content to the workshop and deliver it at the Domain specific level. This could mean that we develop a Domain specific to VMware, Windows, Power and AIX, specific cloud vendors, etc…

At this particular moment I am wrapping up Domain-01 which will cover the ground level of getting started with Ansible. This includes configuring a controller, connecting to hosts, writing playbooks and working with jinja2.

This content can be self paced and corrections and contributions can be driven through a fork and pull request. How awesome is that!!!?

So without further delay. Here is the link to the repo…

Ansible Workshop from Anywhere