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Using AI in Radiology – How GPUs and AI are Augmenting the Great Work Already Being Done


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For the last few weeks, my company, Mark III Systems, along with Vanderbilt University Medical Center Department of RadiologyDell/EMC, and Nvidia, have been hosting a series of webinars about how AI can augment the great work that radiologists are already doing.  AI is never going to replace radiologists, but it does have the potential to make their work a little easier so they can focus on the cases that need their full expertise and experience.  The goal of the series is to highlight what is available and what is coming to help achieve this goal.

I had the privilege of being the first presenter.  My presentation was entitled "The Greatest Thing to Happen to Computing in 10 Years."  I discussed the role of GPUs in AI and how they have made things possible that were not possible just 10 years ago.  I then described specific use cases for AI in Radiology.  The link to the presentation is below. Enjoy!