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Our Commitment to You

COVID-19 has encouraged the world to interact and engage in different ways from how we travel, host meetings, attend large conferences and even day-to-day activities.  Many of our customers and vendors have mandated a work-from-home policy or have restricted any outside contact and encourage the use of web conferencing over face-to-face meetings and events.  We fully support this effort to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and know it is important for all of us to interact and travel smarter.

We understand changes like this can impact a business.  To help our customers maintain and even grow their business we will provide web conferencing, a live video feed at all face-to-face events, and engage our digital platforms to educate our clients and encourage others to do the same.  Dozens of technology conferences are becoming "virtual events", postponed, or cancelled daily.  To keep you up-to-date we have created a blog we will update regularly on the latest changes.  Click here and bookmark this link for the latest.  The Mark III team is actively investing in ways to help keep our clients safe yet still informed on current technology.  Please follow us on social media for the latest technology news.

The coronavirus crisis has an unclear ending, but we will do our part to address our customers business challenges and risks, protect our Mark III team, and help to mitigate the outbreak in whatever ways we can.