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Getting Started with Tracker (by Mark III)

Tracker, by Mark III, is a SaaS platform that empowers enterprises and organizations that partner with Mark III to see and manage their IT assets and maintenance contracts through one single pane of glass across hundreds of manufacturers and OEMs.  Tracker is included at no charge and assumes that assets are currently under contract via Mark III.

In short, if one of these is a challenge for you, Tracker will help you and your team out a lot:

  • Forgetting contract renewal dates (either you or one of your colleagues)
  • Mixing up IT assets and their contracts and manufacturers/OEMs
  • Confusing renewals quotes/reminders and unnecessary back and forth with OEM/manufacturer renewal reps
  • Misplacing contract/asset entitlements and other key documents
  • Too many assets to track and inability to attach custom notes that would help you organize
  • Difficulty opening up support calls due to lack of IT asset info (serials, machine/model, etc.)

To get started, first visit the Tracker page at


Assuming your organization has at least one IT asset (hardware, software, cloud services, etc.) on maintenance via Mark III, you’ll already have the ability to sign up for a free Tracker account to see your assets and contracts.  Click on “Sign Up” and enter in information, making sure that the email address is your work email.

Next, your request will go to Mark III for approval, which should take 1-2 business days.  If you’re in a rush, please let your Mark III rep know when you request so we can speed the process along.

After you log in after approval, you’ll see all the IT assets in your organization, with the ability to sort by contract/maintenance expiration dates via various time horizons.  Basically, the first contracts on your list will be those that expire soonest.

Drilling into a given contract will show you all the assets under that contract, including key information like Part, Part #, Description, Serial #, and even if there’s an End-of-Service date associated with that particular product.  In this example below, we show NVIDIA Mellanox switches currently under a maintenance contract that expires in July 2021 (note that we blur out Serial # for privacy reasons).

Note that you can add your own Notes to each asset to help your company organize and remember key relevant information that can help with future renewals or maintenance actions (ie project name, internal owner, location, etc.).

Other useful features include the ability to send email notifications at various intervals prior to expiration to yourself or your colleagues internally that may care about certain assets, contracts, or renewals.

Filter by Manufacturer/OEM to accelerate the process of finding maintenance contracts and/or entitlement information to open up support tickets (example of filtering for VMware vRealize licenses below):

Grab entitlements for your contracts and renewals directly from Tracker in a central location (which are uploaded by our maintenance support team to greatly simplify the process of tracking entitlements and other supporting documents —7 assets from IBM below as an example with a downloaded entitlement pdf):