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Mark III Recognized as 2024 NVIDIA Partner Network Americas Healthcare Partner of the Year

Houston, TX (March 19, 2024) – Mark III today announced it has been selected as the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) 2024 Americas Healthcare Partner of the Year.

Mark III is a leader in partnering with enterprises, including biopharma and biotech firms, academic medical centers, healthcare systems, research institutions, and life science organizations in building out and co-piloting their AI/ML, modern HPC, and digital twin Centers of Excellence (CoEs).

Mark III has built a strong core competency in healthcare and life sciences over the last three decades, which it now utilizes to support dozens of healthcare and life sciences organizations and research institutions coast-to-coast across North America.

Building on this foundation, Mark III leans on a unique innovation unit and cross functional team of data scientists, devs, 3D artists, DevOps/MLOps Engineers, and systems/datacenter architects, all working together with NVIDIA and ecosystem partners to help guide and support the journey of these organizations and institutions to the AI, modern HPC, and digital twin Center of Excellence.

Mark III’s collaboration with NVIDIA through the NPN program has provided industry-leading technology and expertise, empowering Mark III to partner with and guide client organizations every day.

The global NPN program provides partners with the expertise required to develop, deploy, and maintain world-class accelerated computing solutions designed for today’s most demanding machine learning and AI workloads.

“We’re honored to be recognized by the NVIDIA Partner Network for the second straight year with the Americas Healthcare Partner of the Year Award and excited about the opportunities ahead for so many of our biopharma, biotech, healthcare, and life sciences clients to leverage AI, modern HPC, simulation, digital twins, visualization, and accelerated computing,” said Stan Wysocki, President, Mark III Systems. “Joining the NPN program years ago has helped Mark III lay the foundation to support so many of these organizations that are reshaping the quality of life of millions of people every day.”

“Whether in drug discovery or patient care, AI is poised to foster incredible healthcare breakthroughs,” said Craig Weinstein, Vice President of the Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA. “Mark III is recognized as the NPN Americas Healthcare Partner of the Year for its leadership in supporting innovative biopharma and biotech companies to advance their work with AI.”

“Generative AI  and LLMs represent the ‘second era’ of AI,” said Andy Lin, CTO at Mark III Systems. “These enormous but extremely powerful models are a huge opportunity for organizations and researchers who harness them to transform the world, but they’re also a significant challenge to operate at scale for these same institutions. Those organizations that figure out this challenge are the ones that will succeed in this ‘second era’ and we’re excited to play our part in supporting their journey and success over the coming years.”