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Dev Day 2019

We hosted our fourth annual Dev Day Houston at the Karbach Brewery in Houston, Texas on July 24th! The day included everything from innovative hacks, awesome demos, innovation meetups for different industries, a lightning talk by NVIDIA, and, of course, delicious Karbach beer!

In case you missed this year’s Dev Day; it is a meetup and expo for ALL Houston tech professionals that build, run, and support amazing software for enterprises, organizations, service providers, research institutions, and everything in between. Follow along as we recap some of the awesome exhibitors!

Here's a video from the incredible day!

Our Mark III Systems team hosted three tables this year: AI and Machine Learning Experience, Mark III DevOps, and Azure Stack!

AI and Machine Learning Experience

Our Data Scientist, John Pace, showcased Mark III Systems’ capabilities around Vision AI. Computer vision is revolutionizing business and healthcare. Helping pathologists find cancerous cells, quickly measuring blood flow in the human heart, and finding defects in products on manufacturing conveyor belts in real-time are just some of the challenges that are now able to be solved thanks to computer vision and the use of deep learning and AI.

This year, John’s demo highlighted the new app he is developing to translate sign language to text (think Google Translate for sign language). One of the most important parts of any computer vision project is to gather enough images to properly train the model.  Over 30 Dev Day participants graciously allowed him to video them signing the American Sign Language alphabet, providing nearly 40 minutes of video that can be converted to still images to train the model.  While the project is still young, the Dev Day participants made a huge contribution to its future success!

Mark III DevOps

Our engineers Bryan McClellan and Tim Medlin ran a Mark III DevOps table centered around Enterprise Automation/Orchestration and self service virtual machines.

The demo included catalog items presented in ServiceNow that represent virtual machine offerings with the ability to add roles, features and or software during the request. Through Enterprise Automation we delivered fully provisioned virtual machines based on catalog items and user selections.

Azure Stack

One of our engineers, Jimmy Tran hosted the Azure Stack booth. Azure Stack is Microsoft’s premier on premise solution to extend Azure services to your local datacenter. Jimmy highlighted the newest features along with showing attendees how you can adopt a versatile, hybrid-cloud platform.

Along with the Mark III tables, our exhibitors this year included NVIDIA, Mellanox, Chef, Red Hat, Pivotal and Dell Technologies.


NVIDIA has long been a popular name in the world of technology transformation and Artificial Intelligence. At their table, the team presented all the ways they have enabled AI to help people change the world. They also talked about how GPU’s are making an impact in your business.


Mellanox was one of our new exhibitors this year. At their table, their team spoke about their end-to-end Ethernet and InfinitiBand intelligent interconnect solutions and services for servers, storage and hyper-converged infrastructure.


Chef showed attendees the latest innovation in automation software. As a leader in the DevOps world, their table showcased their success in driving collaboration through code to automate infrastructure, security, compliance and applications.

Red Hat

Right alongside NVIDIA, we had the Red Hat team. They exhibited their capabilities around helping their partners maximize their value from every customer engagement. They discussed the Red Hat containerization platform and how it fits in with your hybrid DevOps strategy.


It was also Pivotal’s first year as an exhibitor at Dev Day! Along with all their snazzy swag items that caught a lot of attention, their team exhibited how Pivotal reliably deploys and runs containerized workloads across private and public clouds.

Dell Technologies

This was the first year Dell Technologies exhibited at Dev Day and it was a great addition! At their booth, they showed how their servers, storage, data protection and networking solutions can help brands thrive in today’s ever-changing IT landscape. They highlighted their family of scale-out network-attached storage systems, designed for demanding enterprise file workloads.

Along with the expo tables, we hosted two innovation meetups for the Healthcare and Oil and Gas industries. The meetups consisted of speakers within each industry talking about how they leverage AI to deliver faster, better, and more nuanced decisions.

Our exhibitors, the innovative hacks showcased, our wonderful attendees, delicious food and cold beer made this Dev Day our most successful one thus far! To check out more pictures from the day, click here!

If you were unable to attend Dev Day this year, please feel free to reach out to the Mark III Systems team to learn more about us, our exhibitors and future events. Contact us today!

We look forward to our 5th annual Dev Day Houston 2020 and hope you will join us!