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Why an AI Orientation Can Save You from the Deep Learning Abyss

According to IDC, 75% of all enterprise applications will use AI by 2021, which has huge implications over the next few years not only for how customer and workforce applications and experiences are built and composed, but also how these new generation of data-driven, digital transformation workloads and applications will be deployed, scaled, maintained, and optimized.

NVIDIA has evolved the GPU into a computer brain at the exciting intersection of virtual reality, high performance computing, and artificial intelligence. Taking advantage of the supercharged GPU computing platform empowers enterprises and organizations to accelerate scientific discovery, develop new digital services, build autonomous vehicles, detect and treat diseases, and optimize financial forecasting models

However, an optimized infrastructure platform for AI is only part of the equation and with many analyst reports showing that over 80% of AI and analytics projects are prone to failure, it’s imperative that when organizations adopt AI they get off to a successful start, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also from the data science, AI pipeline, and DevOps perspective.  Beyond the technology itself, the skills, processes, workflow, and culture are arguably even more important to long-term success.

Mark III Systems, an NVIDIA Deep Learning Partner with “full stack” capabilities, offers a tailored AI Orientation to ensure that organizations or internal teams new to any aspect of AI get off on the right foot in harnessing AI to work for them.

With the AI Orientation, users will receive:

-Hands-on training and “full stack” mentoring on NVIDIA GPU powered systems

-Installation and best practice recommendations on the optimized AI stack for the selected GPU systems

-Mentoring on how NVIDIA containers and APIs can be setup, operate, and uniquely consumed by the different stakeholders in the AI pipeline (data scientists, DevOps, system engineers, business analysts)

-“Data Scientist to Data Scientist” guidance on Deep Learning frameworks and models tailored around the specific GPU system and stack chosen

-Recommendations on scale-out and multi-user strategies

To learn more and schedule your AI Orientation please contact the Mark III Systems Digital Innovation team at!