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IBM InterConnect 2017 (Day 1 Preview): Session #1 and Expo booth!

IBM InterConnect 2017 officially kicks off today (Monday) at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas!  As part of InterConnect, Mark III is serving as a Bronze sponsor and will have sessions every day that will cover a variety of topics in the IBM stack from IBM Watson to IBM Bluemix to IBM Systems and Storage.  You’ll hear a recurring theme from us this week about our unique focus around supporting our clients with a “Full Stack” approach by giving them truly valuable assistance at each layer of the IBM stack, depending on what they are trying to accomplish.  We do this with our diverse team of developers, data science professionals, DevOps engineers, and System Engineers, all of whom have honed their respective crafts by being in our clients’ shoes.  Whether you’re looking to partner on a cognitive platform to open up new revenue streams or if you’re looking to modernize your datacenter or core ERP system, we can help.

Our first session for the week is today at 4:15pm (Mandalay Bay North, Level 0, South Pacific H) and focused on how our BlueChasm digital development unit built VideoRecon, a video analytics platform that incorporates elements of IBM Watson, Bluemix, Cloudant, and Cloud Object Storage.  In addition, the original prototype was actually built on top of IBM Spectrum Storage (SDS) as well, although we’ve since moved to an IBM Cloud model as part of our move to offer VideoRecon as a consumable SaaS platform.

Here’s a description of our session below:

Have a specific use case for video analytics?  Let us know!  Part of utilizing VideoRecon as a platform is an interactive relationship with our team, including our devs, and your specific use cases, so let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Also, if you’re just interested in making the IBM stack work for you (even if you have no interest in video analytics), this is definitely something that the greater Mark III/BlueChasm team can help with as well… our experience in building our own stacks can help you with yours.

For the conference, we’ll also have a booth in the Expo (#687) where we’ll be showing demos that feature the IBM stack and just having a great time.  Come join us!