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IBM InterConnect 2017: Our breakout sessions!


The IBM InterConnect 2017 conference is IBM's premier cloud technology conference and will take place March 19-23 in Las Vegas.  We've been attending and speaking at InterConnect since it was first created a few years ago (for example, 2016), but we're particularly excited about our participation at this year's version of InterConnect, as we'll have a wider presence with at least 4 breakout sessions across a wide variety of IBM-focused topics and will have a booth in the expo (that we'll be sharing with BlueChasm, Mark III's digital development unit).

In the past 12 months, we've done breakout sessions and panels at Edge, World of Watson, Watson Developer Conference, PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, and InterConnect 2016.  With that said, we view our focus at InterConnect 2017 as really tying all those pieces together.  Cloud "stack" technology, regardless of location, is really foundation of optimizing current tech stacks and paving the way for ongoing and future digital and cognitive initiatives.  Many times some confuse the word "cloud" as having to do with location when in reality, it has to do with an agile tech stack that allows you to build, deploy, and/or iterate on services quickly.

One of our tech stacks in our "full stack" model in working with clients and service providers might involve anything from Watson Ecosystem API services to Bluemix services to Cloudant to Cloud Object Storage to Spectrum Protect to IT infrastructure, like IBM Spectrum Storage or FlashSystems.  The concept is really all about speed and agility for business users, developers, and operations, depending on the type of cloud services needed.

Our breakout sessions at InterConnect 2017, in conjunction with BlueChasm, cover all layers of the IBM tech stack and spans from the top to the bottom of the new IBM stack (the "New True Blue" as I call it).  Here they are (dates/times TBD):

  • Building a Video Analytics Platform with IBM Watson, Bluemix, Cloudant, and Cloud Object Storage (BBM-2035)
  • Building SaaS Platforms on Bluemix with Watson APIs and Server-Side Swift (BOP-2587)
  • Revolutionizing Data Protection Architectures with IBM Spectrum Protect and Container Pools (HPZ-2214)
  • Architecting an Archiving and Video Storage Solution with IBM Cloud Object Storage (HPZ-2716)


We also have one more Bluemix-focused session that's on the waitlist, but suffice to say, we'll be pretty busy!  Hope to see you at InterConnect 2017!