Remarket & Recycle

Looking to unload your old legacy equipment? Mark III can help!

Beyond simply being a provider of IT solutions and IT systems of all kinds, Mark III can also help you find a home for your legacy assets. In doing so, we can also help your organization maximize any financial benefits of recycling your old assets, with access to our numerous brokers and dealers. Through our numerous relationships and transactions over the years, we have the ability to leverage our industry experience to maximize any financial gain of remarketing an asset on your behalf.

If remarketing an asset isn't ideal for your organization due to the type or age of the asset, we also have the ability to access disposal programs from manufacturers and solution providers that can help you dispose of assets that may have negligible monetary value.

Let us know what assets you may have that you are looking to remarket and recycle and we can provide simple and quick options to help you quickly sell or dispose of your legacy asset!