Power the data-driven enterprise with unique insights from your structured or unstructured data with our portfolio of analytics platforms, software and appliance-based offerings. Leverage our team of data scientists, developers, and systems architects to help you execute, regardless of if you need a little or a lot of help.

Predictive Analytics

Forecast the future with your data using data mining, statistics, modeling, and other techniques.

Data Visualization

Uncover hidden insights by seeing and understanding your data.

Machine Learning

Dynamically predict and forecast by using ML to learn from data, take action, and adapt without being explicitly programmed.

Data Repository for Analytics

Accumulate, protect, and mobilize unstructured and structured data in a frictionless way to create invaluable insights.

Real-time & Streaming Analytics

Analyze and react in real-time using streaming analytics and both IoT and non-IoT data sources.