Mark III Systems rolls out new branding and logo

Mark III Systems to use original Mark "III" name and new logo universally

September 27, 2013 Houston, TX — Mark III Systems, Inc. announced today that they would unify its brand and corporate identity behind the "Mark III Systems" identity that it had launched with in 1995 and used for almost 20 years.  As part of this announcement, Mark III will also be rolling out a new website and a new corporate logo, which will be used universally across-the-board for all corporate activities and initiatives.  Although Mark III will still be linked to the "Mark 3 Systems" name, it will move toward completely unifying its name to be more in line with its legal name and what most clients, suppliers, and partners have known Mark III as throughout the last 20 years.  

"To us, this move makes sense, as there was a bit of confusion in how our clients and partners were referring to us.  We thought that re-affirming our corporate identity on the one that we launched with on Day One and the one that we've become synonymous with over the years was the best way to simplify things," said Vice President of Mark III Systems, Stan Wysocki.

Mark III Systems was founded in 1995 in Houston, TX as an IBM Business Partner focused on IT infrastructure solutions.  Since its founding, it has maintained its status an IBM Premier Business Partner, winning worldwide IBM Beacon Awards in 2010 and 2013 for outstanding client solutions.